H&M uggghhhhh

Am I the only one not surprised by H&M and the ad? I kind of expected this but I mean I am a bit upset but not surprised at all. Many of these companies seem to just “throw clothes on models” with no thoughts of how the audience may perceive it. What we need is a token black person in every company that is on the ad approval board who can say something like “hold up, did y’all even think about this” because seriously. Homie had on a “coolest monkey in the jungle”  sweatshirt. And homie was rocking it kinda proud too. But it gets better… token black girl Rachel Dolezal decided to “fix our problem” by making a “coolest prince in the hood” sweatshirt.  Like is she serious? I’m asking for a friend. Because shorty must have lost her mind. The fact that she commented was beyond me but she iced the cake when she made him the coolest in the hood. Like shorty not all black people live in the hood ma ma. Like this is one of those arguments you just sit back and watch never chime in. and I could have sworn we revoked her black card a few times. Why is she still relevant and opinionated? Sit yo fake black, yaki permed straight wearing ass down!!!!!

The highlight to this is 2 things. His mother did not and still does not see anything wrong with his outfit choice for the shoot. She believes we are reading too deep. See sis this is where you lost me. You could have had some cool points if you said something like I had no clue he would be wearing this we did not agree on this, but NOOOO you are on the puppet side with Master. Get yourself some help. How much is your child’s dignity worth? Well let’s ask his mom. She cashed the check. The other highlight is Diddy offered this young man a modeling contract for his clothing line Sean John. I am glad Diddy is always around to save the day, but I think you should sit this one out. Sadly enough his mother has it under control. Don’t stress it, they’re always gonna be good she’s just as good of a manager as Kris Kardashian. Make that money girl even at your child’s expense.


Carnival time again! 2018 line up



so the time has come again to prepare for 2018’s carnival line up!!!!!!

I am so excited because for 2018 there is an actual carnival that falls on my birthday. This year Aug 13,2018 will be taking place in Grenada aka Spice mas. I don’t know about you but I am in there!!!!.

I am beginning to plan my trips and find places to stay people to go with, costume selections and fetes!!!! OMG I am super excited. (can you tell)

If you are going to a carnival this year let me know which one. you never know we might see each other. drop your comment below!

Save us from TRUMP!

There is a fine line between freedom of speech and being an Ass. I may not have much to say about Trump but I believe he has crossed the line. This week alone he has done entirely too much in regards to his Immigrant reform. He started the week out by scouring through different 7/11’s across the country to “round up the illegals” then he moved on to bigger things like insulting the beautiful country of Haiti and many parts of Africa. This man we call president had the nerve to say it is a “shithole country” what would make someone say such a thing. This is so far low that it is considered unbelievable. I went on to twitter to see if this was “fake news” no…. unfortunately it is not. It hurts so much to see your president belittle a place that is so beautiful and a place that has created so many strong and beautiful people. This is a major slap in the face to the minorities who took the time out to vote for this man. It shows how little we are to him.

Although he denies saying , I’m sorry tweeting these words he actually did it. He feels no shame in many of his actions. Not to mention his feelings to women in general. We are beneath him, remember. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that he is and always will look down from everyone who does not look like him. Look at the body language he gives his wife. She does not have a voice and she looks like she is hurting.

All i can do in America as a Black/ Hispanic/ Caribbean female, is pray that my education and my credit get me far because my skin and my gender are apparently not good enough.

Reviving an old weave

Ever notice that your weave just becomes so stiff and unmanageable? What do you do when your bundles start to feel like Brillo? Most folks toss it and shell out another crap load of money for fresh bundles. No sir, not me.

Good hair is way too expensive to continue to repurchase 18″ every 2 months. I started doing research and came across something that helped me a lot, and hopefully it can help you as well.

Stripping the bundles: you can do this with a few different products. A very popular product is bleach. (I can do a tutorial on this in another post. Some people use Apple cider vinegar as well. Both are very good to being you back to the original virgin like state. But it doesn’t end here….

Next you will need to: Moisturize! Just like real hair weaves often get dry and brittle. The difference with weaves and real hair is our scalps make natural oils that help our natural hair stay moisturized or at least help retain moisture. Bundles don’t have the ability to do that. This is what causes the hair to become so dry. I highly recommend using a deep conditioner on the hair and washing it out thoroughly. Don’t worry about how long you leave it in, the longer the better. My go to deep conditioner is silicone mix. It comes in a jar and it works for all my bundles. Curly, straight, body wave, etc.


Next you would want to let the weave air-dry. The last thing you want to do is dry it with a blow dryer after reviving it. Give it a few hours to dry. It’ll dry fast if you let it sit open meaning stretch it out rather than piling it up in a corner. This would take anywhere from over night to a full 24 hrs. depending on the length of the hair.

Finally always use a heat protestant when blow-drying, curling or flat ironing the hair. Most human hair can take but so much heat at a time. Be mindful of this.


Feel free to let me know if you have any weave related questions.

Omayra L


Fenty cosmetics #yes

For those of you who may not have heard by now, Rihanna has taken beauty one step further. She opened her cosmetic line. But I must point out 2 major points:


1- She has a range of 40 shades from: a shade for the Albino Queens to extra dark and Melanin Rich Goddesses.

2- Her prices are hella affordable, which could be why everything is almost sold out.

This is bigger than my 2015 must try Kylie lip kit episode (It was ok). I am patiently waiting for my primer to arrive. Shouts to sephora for that availability lol.

I’m so proud of my fellow bajan queen doing it big… #teamrih

SF Carnival

So San Francisco’s carnival was a while ago but I never really got a chance to document my experience. I will say i had an AMAZING time. I played Mas with Flavaz of D’ Caribbean in their China Doll section. The costume was very affordable and although I was coming into the carnival alone I left with some great friends. The Flavaz family know how to welcome you into their crew. We had a ball, the music was nice and there was no drama what so ever. Gotta love it.


Flavaz of D’Caribbean is a Mas camp Based in San Jose California and they also partnered up with a Group in LA Called Mirage. Both companies are of Trinidadian decent and know how to party. I loved my experience with San Fran.




In the Link you will see Ms. Nikki Diamond the section Leader giving some info and history on the Band. They can be found on Facebook under Flavaz of D’ Caribbean



San Francisco carnival 2017 May 28,2017.

Wig Grip review 

So, I tend to weave wigs between protective styles. I was on YouTube and I discovered lots of women use glue. (Not a fan) but I also noitices some lady using “Wig Grip” it’s a Velcro strap on headband that you can use to protect your hair from glue tape and any other weird attachment method. I decided to purchase this thing. 
I have my pros and cons:


  1. It holds my wig in place when running.
  2. It protects me from having to utilize harsh chemicals to secure my wig 
  3. It was $20 on Amazon I ordered it at 8am and got it at 8pm pst, gotta love prime.


  1. It’s not perfect. It’s temporary. Keep in mind it’s intended to stop the wig from sliding and gliding. Not falling off all together. If you plan on doing backflips: SAVE YOUR MONEY
  2. Colors are average. I feel like if I spend 20 on something to wear under my wig it should be closer to my skin tone. I am not beige, mauve, or dark brown. Let’s just say it’s dark.
  3. It will begin to loose it’s”Grip” pun intended. Constant pulling and use of the Velcro have caused mine to loose it’s elasticity and fray.
  4. It can get kinda warm, it is Velcro.
  5. It should have been Velcro on top and silk/satin on the bottom.for better natural hair protection.

Overall it’s a great product and it gets the job done. But….. It’s not perfect.
Amazon sells this lovely item

MILANO COLLECTION WiGrip Extra Hold Wig Comfort Band, Tan https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BD7EBVS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_mXkezb8RBQTQ9

Starbucks unicorn frap review

As much as I love Starbucks. I was not very impressed. As beautiful as this drink is, it was not the best taste. The unicorn frap is a pretty purple and blue drink that Starbucks is selling only for 7 days. Although it made a great Instagram photo the drink totally screwed my tastebuds up. 

It’s a no for me dawg!


The number one thing I love about spring is the amazing weather. Not too hot and not too cold. But the number 1 thing I hate about it all is allergies. OHHHH MYYYY GAWDDDDD allergies can really make you look and feel horrible.

For those of you who know me, you know how I suffer from random allergic episodes to random things. I have a long list of things that cause me to break out in hives from Ragweed to Shellfish. Over the years I have tried so many ways to combat my horrible feelings by seeing different doctors and allergists. I have tried so many different allergy remedies that were both over the counter and prescription. Shockingly I found a remedy that came in a natural healthy form….. TEA! Oh how I love tea and the fact that I can drink tea and get rid of my running nose and itchy eyes is amazing.


So while doing some research I came across Nettle Tea. This tea although has a bitter taste it gets the job done. I drink it almost every day and it has drastically helped reduce my allergy symptoms. Now lets keep in mind although this may work for me it many not work for everyone else. But it has made a large impact on my breathing. I have a small cup on days that I feel stuffy and it kicks in instantly.

If you are interested in purchasing this Tea, you can buy it in Wholefoods, Target and even Amazon (Nettle Tea ) <— Here’s the link.


#FunFact: According to research Nettle Tea also assists with Hair Growth. So if you want to grow long locs and get rid of the sniffles, Invest in the Tea!



US Department of Education twitter #fail

Ever try to say something intelligent, and realize you made a typo. Well it’s not too big of a deal unless your name is Betsy DeVos, the newly appointed Secretary for the Department of Education. 

Honestly it pains me to know that 90% of the US is not happy that you are in this position due to such a horrible track record, you would think she would be on her “A game”. But no she allowed her department to continue to make her look stupid by tweeting a quote and misspelling the name of this major historical figure. Then to make the fail even better, topping it off with another typo/grammatical error. Someone please save our children.