SF Carnival

So San Francisco’s carnival was a while ago but I never really got a chance to document my experience. I will say i had an AMAZING time. I played Mas with Flavaz of D’ Caribbean in their China Doll section. The costume was very affordable and although I was coming into the carnival alone I left with some great friends. The Flavaz family know how to welcome you into their crew. We had a ball, the music was nice and there was no drama what so ever. Gotta love it.


Flavaz of D’Caribbean is a Mas camp Based in San Jose California and they also partnered up with a Group in LA Called Mirage. Both companies are of Trinidadian decent and know how to party. I loved my experience with San Fran.




In the Link you will see Ms. Nikki Diamond the section Leader giving some info and history on the Band. They can be found on Facebook under Flavaz of D’ Caribbean



San Francisco carnival 2017 May 28,2017.

Wig Grip review 

So, I tend to weave wigs between protective styles. I was on YouTube and I discovered lots of women use glue. (Not a fan) but I also noitices some lady using “Wig Grip” it’s a Velcro strap on headband that you can use to protect your hair from glue tape and any other weird attachment method. I decided to purchase this thing. 
I have my pros and cons:


  1. It holds my wig in place when running.
  2. It protects me from having to utilize harsh chemicals to secure my wig 
  3. It was $20 on Amazon I ordered it at 8am and got it at 8pm pst, gotta love prime.


  1. It’s not perfect. It’s temporary. Keep in mind it’s intended to stop the wig from sliding and gliding. Not falling off all together. If you plan on doing backflips: SAVE YOUR MONEY
  2. Colors are average. I feel like if I spend 20 on something to wear under my wig it should be closer to my skin tone. I am not beige, mauve, or dark brown. Let’s just say it’s dark.
  3. It will begin to loose it’s”Grip” pun intended. Constant pulling and use of the Velcro have caused mine to loose it’s elasticity and fray.
  4. It can get kinda warm, it is Velcro.
  5. It should have been Velcro on top and silk/satin on the bottom.for better natural hair protection.

Overall it’s a great product and it gets the job done. But….. It’s not perfect.
Amazon sells this lovely item

MILANO COLLECTION WiGrip Extra Hold Wig Comfort Band, Tan https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BD7EBVS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_mXkezb8RBQTQ9

Starbucks unicorn frap review

As much as I love Starbucks. I was not very impressed. As beautiful as this drink is, it was not the best taste. The unicorn frap is a pretty purple and blue drink that Starbucks is selling only for 7 days. Although it made a great Instagram photo the drink totally screwed my tastebuds up. 

It’s a no for me dawg!


The number one thing I love about spring is the amazing weather. Not too hot and not too cold. But the number 1 thing I hate about it all is allergies. OHHHH MYYYY GAWDDDDD allergies can really make you look and feel horrible.

For those of you who know me, you know how I suffer from random allergic episodes to random things. I have a long list of things that cause me to break out in hives from Ragweed to Shellfish. Over the years I have tried so many ways to combat my horrible feelings by seeing different doctors and allergists. I have tried so many different allergy remedies that were both over the counter and prescription. Shockingly I found a remedy that came in a natural healthy form….. TEA! Oh how I love tea and the fact that I can drink tea and get rid of my running nose and itchy eyes is amazing.


So while doing some research I came across Nettle Tea. This tea although has a bitter taste it gets the job done. I drink it almost every day and it has drastically helped reduce my allergy symptoms. Now lets keep in mind although this may work for me it many not work for everyone else. But it has made a large impact on my breathing. I have a small cup on days that I feel stuffy and it kicks in instantly.

If you are interested in purchasing this Tea, you can buy it in Wholefoods, Target and even Amazon (Nettle Tea ) <— Here’s the link.


#FunFact: According to research Nettle Tea also assists with Hair Growth. So if you want to grow long locs and get rid of the sniffles, Invest in the Tea!



US Department of Education twitter #fail

Ever try to say something intelligent, and realize you made a typo. Well it’s not too big of a deal unless your name is Betsy DeVos, the newly appointed Secretary for the Department of Education. 

Honestly it pains me to know that 90% of the US is not happy that you are in this position due to such a horrible track record, you would think she would be on her “A game”. But no she allowed her department to continue to make her look stupid by tweeting a quote and misspelling the name of this major historical figure. Then to make the fail even better, topping it off with another typo/grammatical error. Someone please save our children. 

Goddess locs

Well I was home bored and decided to do a few styles. My first style was godess locs. They were amazing and last sooooo long. This picture was taken 1 week before take down. They were in for 5 weeks. If you would like a tutorial on this please let me know. I’m always available for my naturalistas.

Beyonce is having twins

  • So earlier in 2016, I was blessed with the Opportunity to see the Queen Bey herself preform live in Miami. It has to have been the best concert I have ever been to. Although my seats were not ideal it was amazing nonetheless.
  • So I recently began exploring the idea of attending Coachella in California.  One of the main reasons was the idea of seeing Beyonce again and her special guest.
  • One day, I just so happened to be scrolling through my instagram news feeds and guess who just happens to be pregnant…. that’s right Queen Beyonce. But here’s the kicker, not one but two babies. #twins Apart of me is glad for her having her babies. This is truly a blessing, but my dark side is saying thank u od I didn’t buy those Coachella tickets. She was the main reason I wanted to go. Lol 

MY Makeup Picks


So lately i  have begun to dabble in some light make up.why light? well i live in Miami and it is extremely hot here. i have a few everyday items that i swear by.


My Lips:

I have a few lip choices that I love to use and I’ll speak mainly about 2. 1- crazy for coffee by maybeline. When I say gorgeous!!!! it make me look super sexy and CHIC. I wear this when I go out for happy hour and when I hit the club.

During the day i use a mix of Abudabi from NYX, and Kylie’s lip kit Mary Jo red lip liner. im not so much of a fan of the lipkit iself since it crumbled when i used it, but i love the lip liner. it made my lips look perfect and it compliments the Abudabi so well.

My eyes:

I live in KIKO #208 its a pretty gold color that bring out my bronze skin. AMAZING color by the way.

I love a regular eyeliner preferably a twist up or gel liner. I recently purchased forever 21’s liquid gel liner and it is amazing for wings.


So today I received an email from my big cousin Elika, she is this really cool really Zen Yogi. I mean I’ve tried yoga and its great but she is like a real life Yogi. It is so awesome to see someone follow their dreams and do what they love. She is doing this really awesome trip to Jamaica in October of 2016. I am attaching the flyer for reference. This really seems like something i would love to do. Check it out and see if you like it. Full details on the Flyer.Its called Fall into Bliss.



Gift advice from a single lady

Although I’m single (yet again) for valentine’s day. I have some gift advice for the guys. I have a few options to choose from. I’ll give you the OMD top 5 gifts for 2016:

5- a gift from the heart. I’m an emotional girl. If you want to get me a great gift take something that we both enjoy and frame it. I saw on pintrest a man was low on funds and wanted to get his girlfriend something special.  He put a movie ticket stub in a beautiful frame from on of their dates. He gave this to her with a card.  The card said ” no this was not our first date, but on this date you drank all of my slushie, and I did not get upset. It shows 2 things, I’m good with sharing, and I must really like you because I love slushies” to some thus may be corny, but I thought it was sweet. Some women actually appreciate things like this.

4- You can never ever ever go wrong with fruit. I am currently torn between sharis berries and edible arrangements. Both places offer top notch fruits that are so fresh and so perfect for the lady watching her figure and they just gave such pretty options. I personally always go with edible arrangements when gifting because I am signed up for coupons and i get a great deal. Use code: SAVE2127 But i must say Sharis berries I’ve got my eye on your valentine’s day strawberry decor.  Super cute and who doesn’t like chocolate covered strawberries. Use code: getberries for 20% off

3- Roses! I know so cliché,  but how about roses in a box. My sacred shopping holy grail (target ha!) Has a valentine’s day rose special.  Sexy red roses in a box, for 119 with free shipping. I’m telling you now roses in a box will definitely get you some lol. Here’s a link: http://m.target.com/p/fresh-cut-three-foot-red-roses-in-elegant-black-box-with-gold-tissue-paper-12-stems/-/A-15132434

2- Lingerie!  There’s so many places to buy some sexy clothing that your spouse will enjoy seeing you in. But fellas how about you buy what you want to see her in. There’s lots of stores with lots of price ranges. Might I suggest adoreme.Com they have styles starting at 39.99, i mean every girl would love Victoria secret sexy little thing but it’s not gonna run you 39.99 and i have a coupon code:  February19

And number 1

Not sure where you are in your relationship,  nor do I want to put you in an awkward situation. But….. I’m obsessed with these candles! Jewelscent candles omg. They are scented candles with the option of different types of jewelry inside. So if you want earrings or a diamond ring this is route to go. The rings range from a value of $10- $7500. So I would be cautious if you plan on popping the question. But what I would say is. If you get her this candle it will be romantic if she’s a candle loving softy like me. I also have a code for this rev15.


When getting a gift, make sure you know your sweetie well enough to know what’s she’s into. Choose wisely and remember the best gifts come from deep thought and creativity. I hope I was able to help get you on the right track to love.